Monday, March 5, 2012

Junior Orange Belt

This past weekend, Luke tested for his Junior Orange Belt in Karate and passed! He came all smiles and excited to show me his belt and certificate. Mike was out of town this weekend, so I decided to share some parental responsibilities with another family. My good friend Melissa had to work, so her hubby would be toting all three of their kids to this event, and I would be toting two. And it was going to be a long afternoon. So I said, "Why doesn't Hubby drop the other kids here and just take the two boys to the test?" Because honestly, I didn't want to go to this thing. And before you get all super judgmental, let me just say that the event was closed to spectators. So I would have had to sit there and entertained Gavin for almost 2 hours in the smallest waiting room known to man. Getting through half hour once a week is bad enough.

So he dropped the two girls here to play with Gavin, and off I sent Luke. It was great. The kids had a great time playing together, and no one had to endure the dreaded waiting room with small children. After, we decided to celebrate and go to Friendly's together. I thought all the kids were going to explode with glee.
Below is a pic of the kids. I told you Star Wars has exploded in this house.

My friend's DH took pics of the boys getting their belts. I'll have to get those from him.

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